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Dental Implants Washington DC offers the best solution for restoring missing teeth and ensuring that they all stay in place. Missing teeth can cause major problems when it comes to eating, speaking, and dressing. A gap in teeth is not only aesthetically unappealing but can greatly limit a person’s ability to properly take care of themselves. An implant is the best solution for these individuals because it is a long-term solution to a long term problem. Dental implants are now commonly recommended for individuals who are losing a tooth or several teeth. https://www.precisioninperio.com/

Dental Implants Washington DC offers the most realistic looking bridges and false teeth that can be used to replace a lost tooth. Dental Implants use two metal posts that are fitted into each side of the jaw bone. After that a series of thin titanium screws are placed on top of the posts and the root implant is then installed. These dental implants are very realistic and have been the dental solution of choice for thousands of periodontists across the United States. 

Precision Periodontics & Implant Dentistry

Patients that need additional procedures can also visit a Washington DC dental clinic that offers surgical procedures. There are two main types of surgical procedures that periodontist Washington DC patients may undergo. These two surgical procedures are tooth extraction and gum grafts. The dentist will first determine which type of procedure is needed by analyzing the picture of your mouth and performing a thorough oral exam with x-rays and a biopsy. Once the dentist has determined which procedure is most appropriate, he will schedule you for surgery.

One of the most popular surgical procedures that dentists performing at Washington DC clinics include tooth extraction. One of the most common reasons why patients request this dental procedure is when their gums are infected. In fact, patients will commonly request this from a periodontist Washington DC based on the fact that it is difficult to clean infected gums. To facilitate this concern, many periodontists Washington DC have introduced “smiling gum”. The smiley gum is a small metal pole attached to the end of the dentist’s wire dental implants washing out bacteria and food particles from between the teeth and gums without harming them.

Another surgical procedure that dentists perform at Washington DC periodontists is root planing. Root planing is a long term technique that is performed on younger patients as it provides long lasting results. This is done through the use of pinhole surgical technique or via perforation. Pinhole surgical technique involves injecting the patient with a large amount of anesthesia and then creating a hole in the patient’s gums and removing them.

Most of the time, the patients remain awake during the entire procedure. Some periodontist Washington DC performs cryotherapy and endoscopic route planning techniques in order to preserve the oral tissues. Endoscopic root planning involves removing diseased gum tissue by means of small incisions that are made on the gum line. This technique enables periodontists to remove diseased gum tissue by using the endoscope, which is a light-weight tube that can be inserted in a number of different places in the body.

The last surgical procedure that a periodontist Washington DC performs is called Osseous surgery. Osseous surgery is used to remove plaque from the gums. Plaque is a buildup of dental plaque that has formed on the teeth and the roots of the teeth as a result of poor oral hygiene. To this end, periodontists Washington DC will commonly perform Osseous surgery, which is also known as endodontic surgery. Through this technique, periodontists can remove the build up of plaque on the teeth and the roots of the teeth thereby improving the oral health of their patients.

At Washington DC, periodontists are capable of performing a variety of procedures that improve the health of their patients. One of these treatments is root planing. Root planing is a treatment that allows for the reinstatement of the tooth root, which is damaged by the progression of periodontal disease. Through this treatment, the patients can regain strength and confidence in their smiles. Periodontists who practice in Washington DC also commonly perform a pinhole surgical technique that is also referred to as laser periodontics.