Critical Questions That Can Guide You in Picking the Best Press Release Distribution Service

Content distribution is a complex task in marketing. Unfortunately, the buying process can be daunting because there is a wide marketplace for press release distribution.

Before dealing with any vendor, you have to assess what your brand really needs. If you’re not going to do this, you may end up missing the mark.

It’s important that you know the answers to the most basic questions in order to choose the best online distribution service:

Who is your audience?

As a brand you should have an industry-specific, geographical and demographic goals. Do you need to target:

Target specific industries: Make sure that you know the targeting potential of the service. Which industry journalists do you want to reach in an industry or which industry-specific online sites will your press release land?

Local, regional or national: what are you targeting- local, regional or national audience? The newswire service should be able to provide this need.

Multicultural: The distribution company should provide you a method of distribution that aims to reach the multicultural sector. For instance, your release should reach the diverse ethnic groups- Southern Asians, Africans, Australians, Americans, British, Chinese, etc.

International: Can they provide professional translations, local language distribution and has connection with significant media publications per industry and country?

Improved conversion, search visibility and traffic: The distribution site should be optimized for the search engine, has high traffic and has industry-leading search authority to improve your website traffic, visibility and conversion.

What is your goal?

You need to assess what do you want to achieve at the end of your campaign:

Brand engagement: Choose a service that allows your releases to have social media sharing tools and industry-specific social media feeds.

Conversion and leads: The service should offer you a network, targeting and content choices that will enable you to be found by the audiences. You should be able to measure the inbound leads that a particular release provides.

Search visibility: Pick a service that has a high search engine authority score to help you reach your target audience.

Online visibility: The company should assist you in reaching sites that are important to your business. Your releases should have placements in popular sites like Yahoo as well as industry-sites.

What features of online distribution services are important for your business?

Multimedia: Choose a service that allows you to send images, infographics or video to boost your releases. Do they offer multimedia content?

Customized content: Your press releases should be available in web-ready HTML file to make it readable. Are you able to add anchor text, bullets, subheadlines to emphasize your content?

Add-on features: What additional features the service provides? Do they cater international distribution, strategic media placement, media monitoring for targeting platforms and media and IR websites?

What are your expectations?

What kind of team does the distribution service have? Are they fully certified professionals and have previous experience in the industry?

  • Check their turnaround time.
  • What kind of feedback or in-depth content analysis they offer?
  • Do they provide suggestions for best practices or search engine optimization?
  • Is your releases proofread and assessed?
  • Do you need a 24 x 7 customer service? Can they provide you that?
  • Do you understand the process? What kind of user experience they provide? Are you offered account management tools and safe online portal for your content?

How do you assess the outcome?

Choose a distribution site that assists you in measuring your brand’s distribution efforts and content marketing. They should offer you analytics report that contains significant ROI to provide you insights and information on your campaign’s performance.

You should know important metrics, such as how many views your content received, where it appeared, who are the audiences and organizations that expressed interest. You should be able to monitor the engagement through clicks, downloads, tweets and shares.

Getting the facts and figures are important for you to analyze the success of your campaign. It helps you plan your upcoming campaigns and avoid the mistakes.

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